Fifth Class with Year 4: Semiotics

Today we discussed with the pupils some ideas about semiotics. This strange name was hardly mentioned to the children, but some of its fundamental concepts were hanging about during our presentation in class and later in our activity with the children.

Without even knowing what a sign is in semiotics, everyone could easily recognise their ubiquitous presence in our day-to-day lives: in the roads of London, the classroom or on many websites we access everyday. In artworks too, they were quickly identified! Why does Renaissance painters often mark an aureole around someone if not to underscore their importance in that scene?

Well, we could spend ages talking about semiotics, but what the children have most enjoyed about it was without any doubt the best semiotic exercise of all: pictionary! Receiving images with different meanings associated to them, the pupils drew around these signs the contexts they needed to appropriately signify. Who said that semiotics could not be fun?

2 thoughts on “Fifth Class with Year 4: Semiotics

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