Curators are also Detectives: let the tournament begin!

Having accomplished the first intensive classes dedicated to the basic notions of curating and the understanding of meaning, the children are now more than ready to endeavour into the world of curating. So this week we start the second round part of the course as we go through the steps involved in curating. The children will practice getting ideas, investigating, researching, establishing connections and making choices.

The first class of this section certainly proved a great start. After a nice and long break for the Easter holidays all of them turned up with renewed energy and did an amazing job in their Art Detective Tournament!

As in a real art detective’s—or should we say curator’s—job, we did several activities that involved brainstorming ideas behind photographs, reading the signs hidden in artworks, searching for the right works missing from exhibitions and investigating the facts behind an artwork. And we must say the tasks weren’t easy at all, many of them were very tricky and almost impossible to get! But all was done through games and while having a lot of fun. Extremely vibrant (and loud) celebrations went on as groups won each activity. And in the end it was such a close call that no one left the class without their Art Detective Badges. Congratulations for the hard work Year 4!

PS. Save some energy because you will need it next week… see you at the Whitechapel Gallery!

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