Investigating (and Playing with) Art Online!

Do it at home Investigation postIn the last few months the children at Chestnut Class have been seeing, interpreting, discussing and investigating art in many different ways. As we well learned, an indispensable attitude for a better enjoyment of art consists in trying to identify potential meanings in the work, in making associations both with things around it and in our minds and in investigating further whenever possible. We know it certainly makes our experience much more fun.

So with the summer half term just around the corner and the entire summer holidays coming up pretty soon, we offer you a selection of links to museums and other websites where you can search artworks and collections online, explore cool activities and events taking place in museums, create your own artworks and exhibitions as well as play incredibly fun games! In some of them you can also download really cool apps to get more information and entertainment. Tate, for example, has several apps to help us understand and enjoy art and MoMA has a really fun Art Lab app where you can create all sorts of art you can imagine. So give them a try! We have and loved them all!

  • The Gallery of Lost Art: really cool website where you can learn the stories behind the disappearance of important artworks through time
  • Google Art Project: check out incredible images from collections all over the world and create your own gallery
  • Tate Learn Online Resources: explore Tate’s collection, get information, use online resources and play games
  • Tate Pocket Art Gallery App: virtually curate your own gallery
  • MoMA’s Kids and Families: find out how to engage with art in different ways, download super fun apps and much more in MoMA’s page for kids and families
  • The British Museum Explore: dig into thousands of artworks and objects of all kinds and periods, learn about them and try their amazing Kids Discover section
  • V&A Families: find out about their many incredible activities and events in the museum
  • Louvre’s Tales of the Museum: learn about objects and history in an animated exploration of misteries behind the museum’s collection
  • Natural History Museum: ideas of activities, games, chance to send your own artworks and loads of information in a section just for kids

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