Year 4’s Final Exhibition: To be unveiled very soon

This week was enormously productive, if not a little hectic, as the pupils’ completed the physical components of their exhibition. A staggering amount of concentrated effort went into the production – painting, drawing, colouring, model making, plaster-setting, deconstructing and reconstructing to name a few – all accompanied by a large dose of imagination and creativity. The class was divided into three groups with specific tasks allocated to each group. The pupils swapped tasks between themselves so everyone got a chance to input on each process.

Finally, after production of the exhibition had been completed, the pupils had time to reflect and apply what they had learned over the last few months on the project, putting to paper their thoughts on the curatorial theme of the exhibition, along with the title of the exhibition. There were some truly inspiring and thought-provoking ideas, which will be revealed very soon when the exhibition opens on Thursday 6th June. We look forward to seeing you there!

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