Writing Art and Faking History: our final workshop with Year 6

This week saw the last of the workshops with the pupils. Today’s objective was for the pupils to write their own history, thus completing the exhibition content which also includes animation films, plasticine models, collages and photography under the Olympic theme. We began the class with a warm up session to inspire the pupils: a quick presentation comprising examples by artists who explored the notion of creating history. The examples by Walid Raad and the Atlas Group, Micheal-Craig Martin and the Yes Men, investigated the twin concepts of truth and history: how we are so ready to assimilate that which is presented to us as ‘the truth’; what makes something credible; and how anything, if presented to us in a way which is familiar and recognisable, can instantly be accepted as the truth. After the presentation, the children who were visibly inspired quickly set to work with their ‘almost but not quite true’ newspaper-style articles on the Olympics theme. There were some brilliant stories: Usain bolt struck by lightening, a near miss from a Terrorist attack by the Mafia; a granny who accidentally cycled into the velodrome during a race, only to win it. We look forward to putting up the exhibition which promises to be truly wonderful.

Congratulations for all the effort and involvement Oak Class! You created incredible works!

Coming up next: the unveiling of Year 6’s exhibition If We Could Make History.

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