Making Ourselves Known: Creating invitations and adverts for an art show

How do the public know about an exhibition? This week pupils learned about two different pieces of communication often employed by professional galleries: invitations and adverts.

What kind of information should an invitation contain? The children are well familiar with invitations to friends’ birthday parties and other school events, but should art shows be different? We stimulated the pupils to create their own invitations from scratch… or almost. They were challenged to use their own creativity, putting together words commonly found in invitations and other not so typical to this type of communication. The results were astounding! Some pupils preferred to invite us to a sleepover rather than an art show (or should it be an artistic sleepover?), while others created a tongue-in-cheek advert that reads “You are not invited to a party at the zoo… You are invited to the opening of…” See some of the results below:

Once the children were familiar with the practical information that an invitation or advert should contain (dates, address, artist name etc.), they were able to work on the real communication pieces for our next exhibition at the Art Shed Gallery! And just by looking several examples taken from reputable magazines such as Artforum, the pupils could easily incorporate a common art world “aesthetic”—of course, adding elements of playfulness that make these invitations extremely fresh.

Phil Dobson‘s Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, at the Art Shed Gallery from 13 February to 17 March, will use this material as its official invitations.

Congratulations for all the effort and involvement, Chestnut Class! Your communication pieces would impress any advertisement professional!

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