William Martin’s ‘Sketch for Community,’ the new exhibition at the Art Shed Gallery

The Art Shed Gallery is proud to present its latest exhibition, featuring the artist William Martin.

William rereads ceramics with contemporary eyes. More than forlorn decorative objects, the artist’s porcelain vessels are an integral part of social and cultural networks. These artifacts are not simply objects but agents themselves, fostering in their surrounding communities a common sense of belonging. Sketch for Community juxtaposes this quaint craft with a new set of portraits by the artist. Based on pictures stored in social media websites, the portraits are traces of a new form of social interaction that govern our contemporary lives. However virtual, these new networks bond people in traditional relationship structures, especially the friendship. A relationship that is marked by a certain precariousness (with the possibility of being destroyed, or “unfriended” in a simple click), whilst being utterly strong. A  condition that mimics the very make-up of the vessels.

Invitation to William Martin's exhibition

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