About the project

The Project

A Bigger Picture is a project that uses curating to develop visual literacy and critical thinking in relation to art. Developed at Lauriston Primary School in Hackney, the project comprises a semester programme for Year 4 pupils and the establishment of an art gallery in the school grounds, The Art Shed Gallery. The class programme includes discussions on notions of art history and curating, training of the skills essential to curating, focused exercises and activities both in the classroom and in museums, and finally the development of their own exhibition in the school gallery.


  • Develop children’s ability to both identify and create meaning
  • Foster critical thinking and ability to question and problematize artworks and issues
  • Encourage pupils’ capacity to express their own interpretations of artworks
  • Stimulate imagination and sense of empowerment
  • In the efforts of pursuing the goals above, we seek to develop transferable skills that can be subsequently expanded into other areas of learning


Check the progress of the activities with Year 4 children here!

Jim Grant on the Project: