The Art Shed Gallery


In line with the A Bigger Picture Project, The Art Shed Gallery will bring together the real world of curating to the classroom, and the classroom to the art world. This unprecedented space adds a new dimension to the vibrant gallery scene of London’s East End.

Big Exhibitions and Little Exhibitions: The Art Shed Gallery programme is divided by school terms and foresees a Big Exhibition opening at the beginning of each term—with a curated exhibition of artists’ works—followed by a Little Exhibition developed by one of the classes at Lauriston School. Following the school’s approach of integrating art throughout the curriculum to make the most of learning and to offer different perspectives towards subjects, the artists exhibiting in the Big Exhibition will undertake workshops with the children in order to explore issues and concepts related to respective academic topics. The Little Exhibitions, opening at the end of each term will be the product of the pupils’ investigations with these artists.


The Art Shed Gallery comprises the approximately 16 square meters of the old nursery building, commonly named as “the art shed.” With the gracious support of the Lauriston School Association, and the substantial help of Kevin who managed the construction (thank you!), this original exhibition space was able to take the shape.

Fully integrated into the school’s artistic production space, The Art Shed Gallery stands out for following the strict aesthetic of the white-cube gallery, while being as friendly and intimate as a classroom.

Latest news and upcoming events

Check our latest news about The Art Shed Gallery here.

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